Astros Honor the 1986 Team (Books, Baseball, and Bluegrass)

When it comes to hobbies/passions, I have three of them, the “Killer Bs” of my world: Books, Baseball, and Bluegrass music.  And when it comes to baseball, my favorite all-time team is still the 1986 Houston Astros.  That team was the most successful and exciting one in the history of the Astros franchise to that point, and because I was VP of the Astros Booster Club that year, the players on it will always have a special place in my memory and in my heart.

Hard as it is for me to believe, though, that was thirty years ago, and tonight before the game against the Texas Rangers, the Astros honored a few key members of that great club:


From left to right: Mike Scott, who won the Cy Young Award and threw a no-hitter in ’86; Alan Ashby, still the best catcher in Astros history; Jose Cruz, one of the best outfielders who ever played in Houston; Glenn Davis, the power-hitting first baseman; Nolan Ryan, one of the greatest pitchers who ever played the game; Kevin Bass, center fielder on that team; and Phil Garner, second baseman and future Astros manager who played the game as hard as anyone has ever played it in its history.

Sadly, the Astros lost tonight 3-2 to the bad guys from somewhere up near Dallas, but just seeing this many 1986 players together in one place made the loss a little easier to take. Let’s do this again in 2026, Astros.