The Blue Light Security Service / ADT Security Installation Experience from Hell


I have been using the past several Sundays as a time to relax by doing some of the things I don’t have enough time to get to during the rest of the week. I read from a dozen or so book blogs that I follow regularly, decide which book will be started next, spend some time with my elderly father; that kind of thing. Most Sundays I don’t even get around to posting anything at all on Book Chase.

But this weekend has been trashed by the security system installer from hell – and part of it is my fault for giving him the benefit of the doubt. The guy showed up on Friday afternoon raring to go, and then discovered that he had about half the equipment he was going to need to install the system. We have twenty-one windows in this house, not nine. We have three doors, not two. We have a wired system, not a wireless system. This meant that the installer had to drive all the way back to his downtown warehouse to get the proper kit – a round trip that took him almost two hours to complete. And then when he got back here, he found that the “transmitter” he had just picked up from the warehouse was designed for a different system than the one we want installed.

Well, by then the warehouse was closed for the day, so now we are talking Saturday installation. And of course now we have to be added to his Saturday schedule, meaning that we are dead last for the day, so he didn’t even get back here until almost six p.m. Finally, by nine-thirty, he seemed to have everything in place, had checked out the system with the offsite monitor, and it looked as if we were done.

No such luck. About thirty minutes after he left the house, we noticed that the landline telephone was dead as a doornail. No phone, of course, means that the new security system cannot be monitored offsite, essentially turning it into nothing but a loud noisemaker.

I had managed to catch the guy on his rush out the door to remind him that he had not left me with any manuals or the normal welcome package that includes phone numbers and the like, but when I looked at what he left me, I found that it was only the instructional manuals for setting and operating the security panel, etc. There were no phone numbers, local or otherwise, by which I could alert someone about the problem we are having. Luckily, though, my cell phone had captured the installer’s personal number when he contacted me on Friday, and I was able to get hold of him that way.

So here I sit. It’s closing in on eleven a.m. as I write this, and the guy promised to be here at ten. And there is no sign of him. The topper is that the alarm system just locked up and is telling us that a window is open, keeping it from being ready to arm. There are no open windows in the house – none.  Now that means that the installer is going to have to figure out the solution to another problem.  God help us.

And there is still no word from the Blue Light Security Service installer that ADT Security uses for installation of their systems. I’m trying here, I really am, to look at this as just another of life’s little jokes – but the sheer incompetence and rudeness involved here is so representative of every experience I’ve had with service people, sales clerks, doctor’s offices, and the like, in recent months that it is really starting to bother me.  The world is filled with people who simply cannot, or will not, do their jobs anymore, and they are forcing customers to respond in kind with the same degree of rudeness and demands. Otherwise, nothing gets done.

And somehow they still manage to make me feel like the bad guy because I expect things to get done correctly the first time around.

3 thoughts on “The Blue Light Security Service / ADT Security Installation Experience from Hell

    • I wish, Nan. I wish. The phone company rather graciously just came out and figured out where the system installer had somehow spliced a blue wire that killed the phones in the house. I hope that the nightmare is finally over.


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